Monday 19th of November – Our experience at the DDPY PC

How is it training with the legend DDP? For sure, we felt the BANG! It could be enough telling you that the first 3 minutes of the workout everybody was in the red zone (for the laymen at least above 150 bpm). We had our friend Steven with us and he has serious disability caused by motorcycle accident. DDP had three different levels of students in that room and he handled the workout to make everybody comfortable but at the same time out of their comfort zone. He called Garett to adapt the workout with the chair for our friend and Dallas took care of the rest of us. It was not just a workout but also a real lesson. There was also a camera operator who filmed anything possible.

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We still don’t believe the first destination of our first flight overseas was the DDP YOGA Performance Center and yes, we did it. We had the best workout ever with the legend, Diamond Dallas Page! BANG!

What happened after the one on one with the legend DDP? After the one on one with DDP, we took some pics, we gave him the Italian Coffee Moka with some Italian coffee and we were ready to have some food and rest before Christina’s workout at 5.30 pm. That’s when we were overtaken by events!

Imagine us 100% excited for the one on one when we understood that Dallas was settling for us a photo shooting and an interview. Yeah, you got it, a real interviewed with professional cameras, lights, etc. Our legs were trembling! When we were ready for some “relax” and have some food, Jerry Cameron arrived. Jerry Cameron is another person whose life has been changed for the better by Diamond Dallas Page and DDP YOGA. Cameron is currently the star of a DDPY produced video series titled We Can Rebuild You. We had an inspiring and kind chat with him, he is a Hero and if you want to know more about him stay tuned!

Therefore, we finally left the PC for one hour and then back again. Just when it looked 46450820_527308904402895_6871511987822526464_n.jpglike we were ready for the photo shooting and the interview, they told us Scott Hall, The Bad Guy, were in Garett’s office and to go there and meet him! WHAT? We ran there and once we were all in that office staring at him it was a little weird …. He kindly shook our hands, asked some questions about Italy, we took a picture and then back to our duty.

46474564_495721830941452_905510785399128064_nThe photo shooting and the interview were really a fun ride. The staff really put us at ease. After that, we stayed there at the reception bothering everybody waiting for Christina. She came there before the workout to spend some time with us. After one hour of laughing and chatting students were coming in and in less then a while we started the workout. Moreover, on the top of that busy day, as certified instructors, she called us on the stage.

So many things to process, we still think about what happened 8 months ago and it seems our short trip to the PC lasted for weeks.


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