Habits, Habits, Habits

Humans are creatures of habits. Habits are the set of actions, behaviors, thoughts and ideas repeated over time and they are more or less stable in one person’s life. Throughout our lifetime we tend to ​adopt thousands of habits that gradually change according to the age and context in which we live. Habits by themselves have neither a positive nor a negative value; these values ​​can be attributed by the person himself who has a particular habit or by others who, directly or indirectly, have, so to speak, a part in the habit of the other.

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Abitudini, Abitudini, Abitudini

Siamo l’insieme delle nostre abitudini. Le abitudini sono azioni, comportamenti, pensieri e idee che si ripetono nel tempo e sono più o meno stabili nella vita di una persona. Durante tutto l’arco della vita adottiamo migliaia di abitudini che vanno via via modificandosi secondo l’età ed il contesto in cui viviamo. Le abitudini di per se non hanno un valore nè positivo nè negativo; questi valori possono essere attribuiti dalla persona stessa che ha una particolare abitudine o dagli altri che, direttamente o indirettamente, hanno per così dire una parte nell’abitudine dell’altro.

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Goals, how to get them?

Planning your workouts thoroughly and eating right is crucial to any program aimed at achieving actual results and get your fitness goals.

Whether you need to lose weight, tone your muscles or just keep fit, there’s one thing you need to know. Any program will fail if you don’t put in: Motivation, Commitment and Consistency.

These are three essential points to start your journey, carry it on over time and reach your goals. Yes, the results you are looking for are not falling from the sky, but they’ll be the result of your hard work and your new lifestyle.

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